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News - February 22, 2020

Hemp history documentary

Watch this 13:14 minute video by All Organic Medical Marijuana: “Why is Marijuana Illegal in the US? What caused hemp to be illegal in 1937”

Although this video is not news, it is an amazing documentary that we recommend highly.

Hemp news

Watch this 1:53 minute video by FOX 4 Now: “Breaking the stigma of hemp”

Medical marijuana news

Watch this 2:38 minute video by WHAS11: “Kentucky’s medical marijuana bill faces uncertainty”
Watch this 2:33 minute video by WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7: “Warren and Roseville battle over proposed medical marijuana facility”
Watch this 1:66 minute video by LEX18 News: “Medical marijuana supporters get a win”
Watch this 1:46 minute video by 10News WTSP: “Clearwater police search for people breaking into medical marijuana dispensaries”
Watch this 0:58 minute video by Lakeland PBS: “Red Lake to Vote on Legalizing Medical Marijuana in May”
Watch this 0:30 minute video by WJTV 12 News: “Medical Marijuana press briefing”