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About us

We are a scientific education portal is a scientific education portal with the aim to provide readers with up-to-date, easily understandable scientific information about research on the potential medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD). In addition, we also cover health-related information about other cannabis-derived and cannabis-related products.

Our core values

All our articles are written in a way that expresses our 5 core values:

  • Timelines: we aim to post our updates to reflect recent research
  • Objectivity: we do not provide opinions – we provide objective scientific information
  • Evidence-based quality: the information we present is based on peer-reviewed science
  • Relevance: our blogs are all relevant to the topics of how CBD can be used for therapeutic purposes
  • Transparency: we provide links where our readers can access our original sources
We provide information about research on treatment with CBD oil that is timely, objective, evidence based, relevant, and transparent.
Our core values

Our target audiences

Our target audience is people who believe in the healing power of cannabis or look for science-based alternative treatment options.

Our main target audience is those who are interested in CBD scientific research achievements, especially science-based treatment options using CBD.

However, our website is not intended to give treatment advice or claim any therapeutic uses of CBD. Our goal is to provide our readers with updates on scientific research on CBD.

Our target audiences therefore include:

  • Physicians, other health professionals, and scientists who would like a to-the-point update about the latest in CBD research,
  • Policy makers who search for unbiased, objective information about CBD, 
  • The media,
  • People who have a health condition, and they are looking for science-based alternative treatment options other than and in addition to traditional pharmacological solutions, and
  • Anybody who believes in and is interested in the healing power of cannabis.

Monitoring scientific literature on cannabidiol

What we do is that we monitor scientific literature on CBD that has been published in peer-reviewed, impact-factored, PubMed-referenced, international biomedical journals.

  • Peer-reviewed means that the articles were scrutinized for scientific validity by an expert panel.
  • The impact-factor measures the scientific importance of a journal. Only important and established scientific journals have impact factors.
  • PubMed Central® (PMC) is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM).
  • International biomedical journals publish articles in the field of biology and medicine that are available for scientists around the world.
PMC PubMed Central logo symbolizing that we monitor the scientific literature on CBD oil and medical cannabis research
We monitor the scientific literature on CBD oil research

Once we identify publications that might be interesting for our audience, we summarize those scientific articles in a language understandable for our audiences, and make them available on our web site.

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